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God tests those most whom he loves more

Posted by Hope on July 17, 2011 at 4:56 PM

''God tests those mot whom he loves more''

Most probably this is the most common dialogues of most ofthe people in trouble. People who didn?t done anything wrong ,but still suffering.

Sometimes I too ask????why???Is Godtesting???Experimenting the lasttolerance of us???How much we can suffer???? How much pain we can take??? How longwe can smile???Until what extant his creatures can fight and say???.at last??Ican?t take it anymore.? Then give up their life on a Stary Stary night like VanGough. Say Bye to the world. Say bye to the life.

I had a frnd .Once upon a time she was the model of braveryin front of me. As I was the softer one. With less courage and less intelligence. One dayshe fall in love with a wrong guy. Nobody supported the relationship. But theygot married after a long fight. May be after a year or less than that???..herdead body was found under her apartment. They say it?s her wish??..??????I don?tknow why???..???Was that testing or wasn?t that ??????????Did she passed orfailed???

I?ve a friend. When he was born, his mother died. His Fathergot married. Life with the stepmother wasn?t pleasant. He fall from the stairsone day and now surviving on wheel chair. Fighting alone with the world ofpoverty and hunger. Every day is a fight ,every moment is time to give up andevery breath is like,?? I can?t take anymore.??

I got a frnd???..she got a special genetical disability. Forwhich she was in bed for almost 15 years. With extreme pains in her everyjoints of the body. Now she got her joint replacement in 3 parts of her body.At last after 15 years finally she can walk.15 long years of testing.15 long years.She lost her childhood, lost her ages???..but didn?t lost the hope. She is startingher life all over again. Although Doctors told she can?t take too much stress now.But if she wants to survive??..she needs to be stressed. She tells to me,? ?God tests those, whom he loves most.?? Do God really loves her most???

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